Monday, December 31, 2012

Help me pick a unit!

Now that I've ordered the army, I need to figure out what to do with it; that is, what historical Russian army do I want to model. Generally I keep my wargame armies relatively "generic," so I don't paint myself into a corner. For example, my Flames of War armies are "Soviets" and "Germans." I don't try to model a specific division or anything like that.

But Napoleonics demand a bit more detail. Units have all kinds of insignia that you need to nail down by picking a specific unit - what color shoulder straps do they wear? How about the piping and trim on their uniforms? And which flags will they carry?

The figures themselves are wearing relatively "late" uniforms, so I'm restricting myself to a post 1812 army. I am probably going to go with modeling a Division from either Borodino or Leipzig.  I am, of course, open to suggestions.

As an aside, I'd like to apologize for having left this blog lying unused for so long. I was just too frustrated with my British to post anything. Hopefully the arrival of my Russians will keep me motivated to post more! And although I don't want to call it a New Years' Resolution, I do intend to focus on a specific task - that Russian lead mountain...


  1. As I recall the uniforms for the line troops were remarkably "uniform". I don't think there was much to tell them apart except by number and flags. I'll have to go through my Russian references.

  2. Good on you, hope to see your Russians come together this year. Why not aim for the units of Borodino defending the redoubt? plenty to choose from. hit a specific division and work your way through it. Although to be honest with Russians once you work on 1 division only the flags will be different from the others (except obviously in regards grenadiers divisions from line/guard etc).

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