Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feedback wanted!

I've pretty much finished the WWI Germans. However, I'm not sure if I'm completely satisfied with how they look.

One of the final steps was adding static grass to the bases. I used a light blend of grass, and now I am wondering if it is too light. What do you all think?

If we decide that the final effect is satisfactory I'll post pictures of the whole army. If not, I'll wash away the static grass and try again...


  1. 1. Figure out where they're supposed to be fighting.

    2. Use StreetView to compare/contrast present-day grass :)

  2. Looks good Scott,
    Kind of tricky to choose the static grass, summer mix always looks good especially with flowers in full bloom as you have.

    It is pale but definately still looks good.
    What ever you go with will be great.

  3. Thanks for the kind words...

    I've stripped it off. Luckily it was held on with water-soluable glue, so it came off with a quick soak and a gentle washing. None of the figures were damaged and it all came off well - I'll re-paint the bases in a day or two once they've completely dried. All in all the only thing I will have lost is some time.

    I'm going to try a few test-figures to work on some basing ideas. One thing I need to keep in mind is that I need a technique that works with feldgrau Germans and Khaki-Drab British...

    I'm thinking of using a darker green (this one is TOO light) mixed with some light brownish "dried grass," as it should compliment and contrast with both British and Germans well. I'll leave more gaps so the muddy base color shows through. I'll also repeat the red poppies effect...

  4. I actually liked the grass color in the photo. I generally like lighter colored grass with uniforms like the germans- it's a contrast. With the lighter grass, the figures show up better than with a darker grass. That's what I usually use when determining how I'll flock lol. The flowers are an excellent touch.

    I'm sure the darker grass will look excellent though, simply because the figures look fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole army. Really well done


  5. Thanks!

    I think, in retrospect, the problem wasn't as much the light grass as the fact that it was too monochromatic and "flat." Light grass applied alone, carpet-style, looks off. But patches of light grass with patches of dead grass, medium grass, patches of mud, tiny flowers, twigs, broken duckboards, wire, etc, will break things up and look more natural